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hello 2013

31 Dec

I’ve never been much of a New Years Resolution maker…partly because I consider myself a rebel of such traditions, partly because I just didnt want to work that hard!

2012 breezed in kind of unceremoniously, but has etched itself into the story of my life as a year of enormous change, rude awakenings and the most perfect moments.  I decided that, a year like this one has been, deserved to be ushered out a little more ceremoniously than it came in, to rebel against my status quo “rebelliousness” and make myself a list.  One of the things I have learned in 2012 is that dreams come true, but you gotta decide what it is you’re dreaming.  The universe does pretty well when left on her own, but throw a little intention in and watch the magic happen!


1. To start, this year I will believe in the impossible.  Because in 2012 I learned, that nothing is.

2. This year I intend to remember who I am, since i had forgotten for so long.

3. To dream bigger than the most gifted dreamers.

4. To define my life in my own terms.  It is mine, after all.

5. To write often.  It frees me.

6. To listen more.

7. To speak well thought out words and not waste my time or breath on anything less constructive than kind-hearted (but otherwise seemingly pointless) small talk.

8. To smell, the roses, the coffee, and everything in between.

9. To look at every situation as an opportunity for something amazing.

10. To give myself back to the world whole heartedly. To lift her up and make her better for letting me occupy space here.

11. (the perfect number of anything) To love everything.

Happy New Year (/Life)

love to everyone and everything ❤